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Why you need Local SEO not Organic SEO

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

If you have a brick and mortar business or have a service that relies on local customers there is a format you should be using when marketing your business, Its called "LOCAL SEO" (read more below)

People may use whats called "organic SEO" techniques and rank for keywords yet the person searching for the type of business or service may be across the country. This can hurt your identity and relevance to google especially if this causes a high bounce rate. When people leave your site the technical term is called "BOUNCE". We need to make sure when people find a business on line while conducting a Google search they are in the right place. Back links and articles may drive traffic but not necessarily the right traffic. Its Googles job is to take a person looking for a service and connect them with someone who can provide this service. You would not recommend a pizza place to eat dinner at if it were in another state would you? Than why would you format your SEO to cover a potential audience that will probably never step foot into your store or use your service. You need customers within a certain radius.

In order for potential customers to find your business its very important to be indexed in web directories, web based portals and business listing websites such as YELP, Google My Business, Yellow Pages, Facebook and many other well known very relevant resources. We can help list your business or multiple locations in the most important business directories and use the content and keyword uniformity for results using a high potency SEO strategy. The more your product or service is listed within the right local directories the higher statistical probability of your brand awareness improving. Combine this with a custom Blackthorn Publishing internet marketing strategy for your business model.

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