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5 Tips to connect with your audience better on Instagram

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

A few pointers that will help you connect with your audience and gain followers n Instagram....

We all want more followers. We all want to help generate more traffic to our blog or website. We all want to connect with our audience so we can do what we came here to do.... (whatever that is)

LOL - Here are 5 general rules you should follow when using Instagram!

1. LIKE EVERY COMMENT . It always feels good to be recognized. Your audience feels the same. Recognition goes a long way. Remember to like as many comments as you can and in a timely manner. It will keep people commenting and liking for a long time.

2. REACT TO ENGAGEMENT IN A TIMELY MANNER: Remember to respond to comments and likes as fast as you can. It helps people feel like you are engaged with them. Practicing engagement with quick response times helps retain your audience and builds a better connection with them.

3. RESPOND TO COMMENTS: If someone comments on a post it is always better to like and reply to the comment. When you truly engage with your audience it helps you stay connected with them.

4. USE HASHTAGS: Hashtags help your posts become found when your audience searches for content to view. Use relevant hashtags. If you are a Yoga studio it would not be logical to use hashtags that are not about yoga or fitness. I.E. #fastcars. Relevant hastags for Yoga would be #yoga #yogastudio #Yogatips #yogalife etc...

5. USE LESS THAN 30 HASHTAGS PER POST: In order to avoid having your post descriptions disappear you should use less than 30 hashtags. This is called being SHADOW BANNED. I`ve heard in some cases your post cannot be found at all. Keep things simple and relevant. Remember 30 or less!

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