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Why WIX is so amazing to build sites with???

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Choosing the right web development tool can be difficult to do. As WIX experts (by choice) we wanted to share why using WIX is amazing for your business...

With high quality templates, the ability to customize, fast load time, secure sites and free to use WIX seems to be a great choice for having a web presence for your business. Having a drag and drop web development tool makes it easier to build websites or maintain them once a professional WIX developer had built a site for you. Its important to have a professional image if you want to attract customers. WIX will definitely achieve this with so many features its mind blowing. WIX is also NOT OPEN SOURCE so you know when you use a PLUG IN or APP its going to work No bugs, updating or maintenance needed. All you have to do is worry about how to drive traffic. The WIX platform is designed to be search engine friendly and very easy to learn how to apply on page SEO. It may be best to hire a professional to build you site and make it look stunning. One this is done ask to be trained (super easy to learn) on how to make changes to your site or add posts to your blog.


  • User Friendly

  • Easy to maintain

  • Secure

  • Not open source

  • Beautiful themes

  • An abundance of design features

  • Customization friendly

Blackthornpublishing says: We have been WIX experts for years and have have built an abundance of WIX websites. We are experts at design, redesign, website overhauling, website cleanup as well as some customization. WIX is one of the best design platforms on the planet. They are not only geared for amazing aesthetics but designed with the expectation of an optimal user experience. The easy to use CMS make WIX easy to manage and definitely easy to accommodate almost any business model. From small business to large company, existing businesses with a long track record or a new business looking for a place to easily sell items or services WIX is one of the best choices you can make. Call us at 1-818-626-1191 for a consultation or to ask any questions....

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