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The Website SEO How To

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

Is there a perfect way to begin ranking on search engines or generating traffic YES AND NO

How do I begin making sure that I am search engine friendly or as they say "optimal"? There are 3 stages of SEO that are very simple yet very important. I will go over each one in short to give you an idea of how it works.

#1. Research

#2 On Site Optimization

#3 Off Site SEO

First I will give preface and share the general rules of modern SEO:

HERE WE GO.... so...In order to generate an identity for your business or service we must use something EVERYONE USES to find what we are looking for on line....WORDS!!!! In order to be found we must call what we do or what we sell EXACTLY WHAT IT IS WORD FOR WORD (rule of thumb). If we sell red coffee cups and our business is called "The Red Coffee Cup Company" its obvious what we do and what we sell...right?

It makes things a lot easier on everyone (even Google) SUMMARY: keep it simple. Call it what it is or what you do... okay lets go over those 3 stages i spoke about earlier ..


#1 RESEARCH - you need to find peers (competitors) that do exactly what you do (or close) so you can emulate the same format that they use. Do not reinvent the wheel. If 3 similar companies are successful nd rank well on line than they must be doing something right. Follow this road yet be unique enough that your not completely imitating the keywords they use when formatting your website. If 3 companies that sell red coffee cups use the words "red java cups" than you should consider using those keywords as well. As long as your not infringing and you keep a best practice frame of mind its intelligent to use what already works. Even better if the keywords are generating a high volume of Google searches. HERE IS AN OBVIOUS PLUG: (you can always call someone at and learn more)

SUMMARY - follow the successful patterns and formats of peers and competitors. Do not reinvent the wheel.

#2 ON SITE OPTIMIZATION - In order to gain an identity you must format the meta data (back end of your website) to let Google know what you do and who you are. The research you have done on stage #1 should have help you plan on what keywords and format you should be using on your website. H tags, Titles, Descriptions and ALT text play a major role in how Google gives you an identity (these are on site SEO technical terms). Remember that if you sell Red Coffee Cups and your company name is "The Red Coffee Cup Company": it is obvious what you do, especially to Google. TRICK QUESTION: if someone types in the words <RED COFFEE CUPS> is it possible you will rank in a Google search? ANSWER: YES is the obvious answer but the the truth is WE DO NOT KNOW.... There are a few factors that come into play. How competitive is the keyword? How is my On Site format? How is my off site SEO????? Is my site Secure? Is my website mobile friendly? the list goes on and on... So now what do I do if all the aforementioned is in order..?

#3 OFF SITE SEO - What is off site SEO? it consist of Press releases, Blogs, Articles, Social Media posts, Back links, Directory Listings and more. The more elements you generate that direct people to your website the higher the probability of you getting ranked. If people Engage on posts, blogs and social media sites it also helps.. However if what we are doing to generate traffic to our website (your off site SEO) is not formatted correct than it could be harmful to your rank potential. You must use the same titles, descriptions and keywords across the board on all off site SEO to make it clear what it is you do or what you offer. We call this SIGNAL CLARITY. Its kind of a popularity contest and even some would call a monopoly. The more elements and posts that you generate on line the higher the potency your website has and your identity may have which in turn gives you relevance. Relevance gives you rank. Rank gives you traffic. Traffic helps generate revenue. Keep in mind your site must be optimal because you can have all the traffic in the world but if the site looks unprofessional(or even slightly off) than people will most likely not consider engaging in a relationship with your company. Its all about trust and having an optimal user experience.

SUMMARY: Do your research, Have a good format and generate posts that have make it clear what you do.. Good luck,

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