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website analytics

Analytic charts

what are web analyitics?

Search behavior, metrics and historical data

How to understand web traffic and the habits of those navigating on your website we must look at the analytics. Learning how to understand the web habits of people who seek can be time consuming and difficult to understand. We can set up you analytics, make sure you get indexed by Google and other search engines and give you the tools to lean how to understand whats happening on your website. We can audit your web property, analyze the information to determine the best possible way to make a decision in any shift in your marketing plan or business model. 


Which Analytics are Best for me?

The first step to deciding on the best analytics platform for your website is to determine your needs. What kind of information do you need from your analytics? Are you looking for visitor behavior data, such as pages visited and time spent on each page?

Do you want detailed demographic information about your audience, or are you more interested in finding out which marketing campaigns bring in the most visitors and conversions? Once you have a clear idea of your needs, you can start researching different analytics platforms.


When comparing analytics platforms, look for features that are important to measuring success on your website. Does it provide real-time data so you can quickly respond to changes? Does it offer advanced segmentation and filtering capabilities to drill down into the most relevant data? Is it easy to set up and use, or will you need help with integration?


Of course, budget is always a factor when selecting an analytics platform. While there are some free options available, these may not provide all the features you need. Paid platforms often offer additional functionality and more detailed data, but the cost should be taken into consideration.


Finally, consider what kind of support each platform offers. Are there FAQs and tutorials to help you get started or do they provide dedicated customer service? How easy is it to receive help if you have questions or encounter a problem? Taking the time to evaluate all these factors can help you determine the best analytics platform for your website.

Another important factor to consider when selecting an analytics platform is scalability. Does the platform have the capacity to handle large amounts of data if your website grows in popularity? Are there options for customizing reports and visualizations or expanding features as your needs change over time? If you need the flexibility to scale up or down as needed, make sure the platform you choose has these capabilities.


Finally, consider whether the analytics platform integrates with other popular tools and services. Can it connect with your CRM or email marketing software? Does it work with third-party web development platforms such as Shopify or Wix?

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